Pre-trip Expectations: by Wdward

As I began to indulge in the preparations of our excursion to South Africa, I found myself pondering on a single question.  What can I expect to gain from this monumental experience?  My curiosity for an answer to the question began to grow like a nerd on steroids until I could not take it anymore.  It was at this solitary moment that I discovered the perfect solution to my dilemma.  Why do I not take my question to the single most intelligent person in the world, Mr. Google?  After consulting Mr. Google and listening to his great abundance of stories, I suddenly began to question his knowledge.  Filled with what seemed like vague riddles straight from the pages of a novel only the Riddler himself could publish, Mr. Google’s stories only began to puzzle me further.  With my bewilderment growing to that of a adolescent calf on astroturf, I said my farewells to Mr. Google and set forth yet again in quest of revealing the solution to my burning question.  After leaving no stone unturned in my rigorous search, I began to question the very essence of the single question I had originally sought after. I then became increasingly worried of the consequences which could result from questioning a question, such as a black hole.  I rapidly became overwhelmed with a fear similar to which a communist conspiracy theorist may have felt during the 1950′s.  When I finally realized a black hole was never going to show up and suck me into oblivion, my perspective drastically changed.  Maybe, just maybe… a question was the answer to my question.  Alas!  I had done it!  I finally obtained the answer to the single question which had been intriguing and puzzling me for so long.  The answer is very simple.  What can I not expect from the journey to South Africa?  South Africa has a culture rich in heritage and pride, is currently one of the countries associated with B.R.I.C.S. (a group of countries with rapidly growing economies), and is settled on a ground full of beautiful landscapes.  Between Table Mountain’s unique phenomenon commonly known as Table Mountain’s Table Cloth, to the distinguished architecture offered in the streets of Cape Town, there is no doubt South Africa will be a very ascetically pleasing place to visit.  I expect a fun time while learning more about a culture which has many things to offer.  I hope I return from the trip with my knowledge expanded and my memories broadened.  I have never explored outside of the good ‘ol U.S. of A., so visiting a new country will be very exciting.  I plan on learning a magnitude of information from the economy classes we will be attending while over there so I may become well rounded in my understanding of different economies and how they work.  I also hope to learn a few things I am not expecting to learn.  The trip to South Africa is going to be a fun trip.


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