Pre-Trip Expectations

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”  

– Unknown


Cape Town, South Africa

I have always wanted to go to Africa. Africa has always been a kind of idealized destination in my mind, full of adventure, warm weather, and new sights. It also seemed like something I would never do- I am an incurable homebody. Needless to say that I leapt on this opportunity to go to Cape Town, South Africa with PC friends. I have been researching “what to pack” lists and the tourism videos for South Africa since, the anticipation building up immensely.

I’ll admit I did not know much about South Africa until it became an assignment to learn enough to be able to talk to the natives. I knew a little about Nelson Mandela, but only whatever was in the movie Invictus with Matt Damon… which was mostly about Matt Damon playing rugby.  I learned more about rugby than South Africa in that movie. Therefore, starting from scratch, I did more research.  South Africa is beautiful, with about 10% of all the  known species of plants on Earth and exotic animals only seen in books and the zoo. That, in itself, would be worth traveling to for the experience. But South Africa is also culturally fascinating, their history is so new and fresh. That means the effects of the events and the anger is still there, too. Realizing this, my interest in South Africa began to evolve- I still want to see the wildlife, but I also look forward to experiencing and seeing life from another perspective than my own. I feel it will be a step in a personal journey, helping me to understand the world beyond my point of view and lifestyle.

I expect to leave South Africa feeling content, but also ready to find a new destination. I want to have had the experience of a lifetime, and not miss out on anything Cape Town has to offer.







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