Pre-Trip Expectations

After months of anticipation, our journey to Cape Town is almost upon us.  My expectations for the trip have continued to rise as we learned more about Cape Town and as our trip began to take shape.  However, I have no doubt that my lofty expectations will be met and, more than likely, exceeded.

The day-by-day overview of our itinerary revealed what appeared to be an excellent balance between “work” and fun.  Of course, highlights include hiking Table Mountain, attending a rugby match, and the safari near the end of our trip.  As a big-time soccer fan, I am particularly interested in learning about how hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup impacted South Africa.  I am also looking forward to our guest lecturers who will be able to enlighten and teach us from a South African perspective.  A trip to the Stellenbosch outfit of The Burgiss Group, a Hoboken-based private equity data service firm where I interned last summer, would also be an added bonus.

I also expect this trip to add another perspective to my worldview.  I was fortunate enough to travel abroad with the Business Department to China last May as well.  I do not plan to do any comparing between the two Maymesters as the locations, cultures, and content of each vastly differ.  However, I do anticipate our trip to Cape Town will increase my appreciation and understanding of the culture and history of a place immensely different from the United States, much like my experiences in Beijing and Shanghai did.


I expect to make lasting memories, learn a thing or two, and capitalize on the opportunity to travel to a place I never envisioned myself going.  It’s great knowing I can expect so much while also remaining confident that the trip will most certainly deliver.


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