Pre-Trip Expectations

The fact that I am going to be in Cape Town South Africa in a few short weeks is just now beginning to settle in and become a reality.  With this current tough week of exams, the only thing that has kept me motivated to complete my school work is knowing that i’ll soon be on a trip to South Africa.  The only thing that stands in the way now is reading over 800 pages on books about South Africa and sitting on a plane to get half way around the planet.

Africa in general has sparked my interest for the past few years. The most exciting thing for me as I sit in a crowded library typing this up, is just to be out of good ole “PC college” and in a place I’ve never been. As the trip draws closer I will be getting more and more excited about things like hiking table rock and going on my first safari. Don’t know much about rugby but I can imagine from what I’ve seen on TV it’s going to be a hyped event in the city.

Now the wait is on!

Cape Town

Cape Town (Photo credit: fabulousfabs)


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