Pre-Trip Expectations

Thirteen days until South Africa! Woohoo! I am beyond ready to be on a plane over the ocean to Cape Town for two weeks!

When I first heard about the possible Maymester trip, I was a little hesitant to be going to South Africa. For starters, I have never dreamed of traveling there and did not want to be put outside of my comforter zone in a foreign country. When I think of South Africa, I instantly think of the extreme poverty levels and their suffering economy. Not until recent Google searches had I discovered that actually South Africa is known for tourism and some parts have a thriving economy with entrepreneurial envisions.

Many of my “firsts” will be in South Africa such as: hiking up a mountain for 3 hours, going on a safari drive, attending a rugby game, and participating in a sun-downer. I am excited to expand my PC experience outside of Clinton, SC and gain knowledge from the people of Cape Town. I am nervous, anxious, and ecstatic all at the same time, and I cannot wait to see what this trip has in store for me!



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