Pre-trip Comments


With this new digital age affecting every aspect of communication, our world has become instantaneous, our friends have become virtual, and all the information received is from search engines and social networks just seconds away.  But living a life of second-hand conversation is not sufficient.  As the majority sits behind their illuminated screens, there are the few that have the drive to live and write the stories.

This South Africa trip is no different.  Being offered this great opportunity,  I would be remissed if I passed up on it.  Africa as a whole has always been interesting because of the complexities and problems the culture possesses.  Although South Africa may not have the same issues that some of the surrounding countries have, they still have their own unique problems.  I know the unemployment rate of South Africa is about 25% even with an emerging economy that is constantly growing and becoming more diverse.  “Googling” the answer will only get you so far because I believe to fully understand their issues we need to dive deeper inside their culture.  Also, Africa is becoming increasingly important to our armed forces because of the insurgents who are migrating to certain unstable governments and overthrowing them.  South Africa may not be an unstable government, but it will give me a safe insight to better understand the culture of Africa and also the diversity of these distinct countries.  This trip has endless opportunities and I cannot wait to create timeless memories with the South Africa crew.


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