Toxic Charity

After reading Toxic Charity I am still interested in doing charity work but I will definitely view it in a different way than I have in the past.

While I was reading this book I realized I had never thought about the consequences our charity work has on others. Many people become very dependent on our charity and instead of helping themselves they just wait around on someone else to help them.

I do still feel inspired to perform charity work but I will be more conscious about how I perform it. Lupton discusses a new way that we can perform charity work. There are organizations that help local people get what they need. Instead of someone just giving it to them they are required to help pay for it and keep it up and running. This was done in a town that needed a well for water. They got with one of these organizations who helped the local people set up loans to pay for the well. Once the well was put in they also helped the people set up a system for the people to pay to have water in their homes. I think this is a better way to help people in need. We can either get involved with these organizations or we can give money to help with these projects. If more charity is done this way people are less likely to become dependent on our charity work and will have more initiative to work harder for things that they need.

This book has changed my view on charity. I have gone on a few mission trips and it makes me think about the people that we helped. Were they truly thankful for they work that we did or are they used to sitting around and waiting on people to come do their work for them? I won’t ever know but I will always think about that when I am doing charity work.

I will continue to do charity work but I will try to look into other ways to get involved. Even if we do not directly give our work to charity there are many other ways to get involved, like these organizations that help communities work for the things that they need. 


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