Long Walk To Freedom Response

            As you read Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk To Freedom” you come to realize that he was the perfect man to help guide his ever changing country into its Democratic age. South Africa being the fledgling democracy that its is, is in many ways very similar to our own country. While the United States has been slavery free since the Civil War, South Africa has only recently gotten rid of their apartheid system of racial segregation. Slavery will forever link the United States and the continent of Africa but what really links the people today is the connection we share through Democracy. A simple freedom that people demand and people need is the freedom of making decisions for themselves. When you have the right to choose our own path in life through your hard work, you empower yourself and those around you to better them and to find the method to better yourselves. At the same time the people of South Africa are very different from us. As we live in a society that sees white people as the majority in our country, adversely we see South Africa being a country that is a majority of black people and the white people making up only 20% of the population.


            The reading of “Long Walk To Freedom” has lead me to be even more excited to visit South Africa. I remember seeing the movie “Invictus” a few years ago. Invictus was the story of Nelson Mandela’s first term as President of South Africa and how he enlisted the help of the countries rugby team to win the rugby world cup. Both the book and the movie have me at the point of not being able to wait to leave on my first flight that departs bright and early at 5:30 tomorrow morning to start the trek to meet up with the group and then on to Cape Town. That’s if I survive my seven flights tomorrow… But I feel like the flying time is well worth the two weeks we are going to be spending in South Africa.


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