A Long Walk To Freedom

A Long Walk To Freedom by Nelson Mandela was an inspiring autobiography.  In reading this autobiography, we see that Nelson Mandela is someone who had fought for his beliefs and stood against those that he believed were wrong.  As we travel into South Africa today, I can not wait to look and just imagine what Nelson Mandela was thinking when he did these tasks. When we fly into Johannesburg where his political career got off and running when he and a group first ran against segregation and tried to instill a pride of nationalism among the people, I will make the connection and remember that Nelson Mandela was once walking on these same streets and was struggling to find foot to eat. I also am very eager to travel into the University of South Africa where Nelson Mandela finally got his BA and is known as one of the best universities of South Africa.

Reading this book the one place where you can’t wait to visit has to be Robben Island where Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years.  Nelson Mandela was taught love and not how to hate. He stood up his beliefs and didn’t believe that the color of ones’ skin should be the difference between treating them nicely and poorly.  Mandela stood up for his beliefs and at one point he paid the price.  I am very eager to go visit the place to see where this great man was locked away for a long period of time.  The cool thing about Mandela was he came out the same way he went in.  He bought change with him to South Africa and favored a highly democratic government with equal rights for everybody.

I am very excited to go to South Africa and know that once Nelson Mandela was walking these same streets.  This is a man that is known around the world and also a noble peace prize winner.  i am very excited about this trip for numerous reasons.


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