Long Walk to Freedom

After reading Long Walk to Freedom I have a better understanding of South Africa. This book has shown me all of the turmoil that the South African people have gone through. It also walked me through Nelson Mandela’s life. 

This book has been a great way to learn a lot of South African history while learning how Nelson Mandela got to where is he now. He came from a small village and worked his way up to being an attorney. He had to deal with a lot of discrimination but he fought through it and worked hard to attain his goal. I enjoyed learning more about apartheid and how the Africans had to deal with all of their rights being taken away . It is amazing how some of the Africans, like Nelson Mandela, were able to get an education even with all of the rules that they had to follow. It shows that if you are determined to do something and you work hard at it you can achieve anything. 

It was also interesting to learn about how Nelson Mandela became involved with politics. He was one of the main people who fought for African freedom. He believed in the freedom of Africans and he did not mind going to jail for what he believed in. He also was banned for awhile and he fought through that while still secretly being involved with the ANC. He was also imprisoned at Robben Island. I think it will be a very humbling experience when we visit his jail cell. 

This book has made me even more excited about our trip. I can not wait to finally see all of the places that we have been learning about and learn more from the South African people. I also have more appreciation for the South Africans because of all that they have been through. This book has opened my eyes to the things that have gone on in South African history and that are still going on now while we will be there. 


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