Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, “A Long Walk to Freedom”, is a very inspirational autobiography that has taught me so much more about South African culture and it’s complicated politics. Knowing very little about Nelson Mandela going into this long autobiography, I wasn’t expecting that interesting of a read, but from the very beginning it had grabbed my attention. The way he writes is very honest as well as simple. He simply tells the story of his life. He doesn’t need to embellish his writing because his life story is so crazy that it almost seems like a fictional story. 

Not only was I poorly educated on Nelson Mandela but I also did not know very much about South African culture, other than reading a few wikipedia pages. I never realized the magnitude of the separation between the English and the native Africans. The racism was extremely severe and for the most part, the Africans would just accept it as their way of life. Nelson was extremely driven from the start. He always had a very strong moral compass as well as a great pride for his people. At first he was extremely attached to his tribe but as he moved around to different schools and different parts of South Africa, he began to see the greater vision. 

I was extremely impressed with Nelson’s work ethic. He was always naturally smart which is why he was chosen to be educated from his tribe as a boy. Given his naturally ability and the opportunity for a decent education, Nelson Mandela acquired the tools he needed to lead the anti-apartheid movement. I never have heard of anybody who went through so many trials and harsh conditions and was resilient while keeping a positive attitude as Mandela. I will never complain about living in a dorm room and having to study for finals again. I will never complain about having to read a 600 page book during my summer vacation again either. I was so impressed with his credentials as well. He went through so much school and lived off of hardly anything. This man was destined for greatness from the beginning and his story his one of the best inspirationals/motivationals I’ve ever read. 


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