Long Walk To Freedom

Nelson Mandela’s A Long Walk To Freedom was a bit of a slow read. He did experience some interesting things along the way. Even thought it was only for three days, i think it was pretty intresting he worked in a gold mine! I know we hear about people going hungry all the time, but it is still hard to believe when you read Nelson Mandela’s experience first hand in Alexandra Township. One of the many ways Mandela shows extreme bravery is when he enrolls at the University of Witwatersrand as the only black law student. The mixed racist and liberal attitudes he experienced only made him a stronger person. At 33 Mandela we elected president of the Transvaal ANC. To me this seems like a major accomplishment at such a young age. Shortly after he was convicted of “statutory communism” and banned from president, which was a major let down for Mandela. Another act of bravery from Mandela is when he forms the “Mandela Plan.” This was an underground plan for how the ANC should be run after it became illegal. In 1956 he is arrested for high treason along with 141 others. I cannot imagine the toll this takes on his family, friends, and the ANC. the hardest part of Mandela’s life had to be when he was sentenced to Robben Island. The way he described it sounded miserable and i could not fathom going through something like that.
Mandela’s life was filled with many ups and downs. It takes a very strong person to accomplish the things he has.
-Will Varner


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