Long Walk to Freedom Response: Wdward

The incredible autobiography about the distinguished Nelson Mandela entitled, Long Walk to Freedom, not only acknowledges the many struggles and accomplishments which Nelson Mandela faced throughout his life and career, but the novel also gives the reader vast insight into the unique and intriguing history that embodies South Africa.  After reading this autobiography I have become more intrigued with the history and culture of South Africa, and am growing ever more eager for our departure tomorrow.  Through reading Long Walk to Freedom, my thirst for wanting to know more about Nelson Mandela and South African culture/history has only grown exponentially.  This book opened my eyes to the many struggles that South Africa and other countries like it face, which other countries have had the privilege of never experiencing.  For instance, when Nelson Mandela writes about arriving to Johannesburg, “a city built up around the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand in 1886,” he expected to arrive to “grand building[s] like the government offices in Umtata,” but there were only rundown makeshift huts (Mandela63).  Another portion of Mandela’s autobiography which remained in my thoughts after reading was the exert where Mandela wrote about being arrested for high treason.  It goes to show how grand a magnitude Nelson Mandela’s character is by the fact that he is willing to go through the hardships that he faces just to fight for what is right.

There is no doubt that Nelson Mandela Changed the course of history for South Africa in many beneficial ways.  From starting the anti-apartheid movement to establishing democracy in South Africa, Nelson Mandela has become a major symbol for South Africans everywhere.  As we begin our journey to South Africa tomorrow I become more eager to learn everything the unique country has to offer.


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