Day 2

Today we went to the University of Cape Town to study leadership with Dr. Stuart Hendry. In our morning session we studied Max Neef’s 9 human needs. We learned about needs, satisfiers, and economic goals and how they are related to each other. After the morning session and a lunch break of authentic South African chicken curry, we made skits tying in the leadership aspects we learned in the morning session. Putting our technical learning into action helped us to have a deeper understanding to the material we learned. Afterwards, some entrepreneurs from two local universities came and presented their business pitches to us. They had some really unique ideas that are sure to be successful as they start selling their products. We learned a lot from them and were inspired because they were the same age as us and they already had solid careers laid out. After listening to their pitches we headed outside to look at some of the campus. It was amazing campus surrounded by mountains. We took a huge group picture and then got to mingle with the Cape Town students over dinner and learn more about South African culture. It was a long day in the classroom but it was well worth the the time. Tomorrow we are headed to the St. James church where the famous massacre occurred. It will be an eye-opening experience. 

-Dylan Murray


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