Cape Town Day 3

Today, we had the amazing opportunity to join the congregation of St. James Church for worship.  I was excited to visit the church knowing of its history.  It was interesting to see that there are not many differences between their church services and our own in the United States.  After the service, we ventured up to the second floor of the church where they had their own coffee house and lounge area.  There we were able to meet some members of the church and mingle with them and students around our age.  We had a great time and met some great people.


From there we traveled back to the hotel and were given two options; one an adventure, the other a chance to relax and rest from the past two days.  Without a doubt, I chose the adventure and it has turned out to be my favorite experience of the trip!  A group of us traveled back to Table Mountain, but instead of riding the cable car up for a nice view, we were taking on the challenge of hiking up to the top.  It turned out to be a great choice to enjoy the afternoon.  We began our journey not knowing what to expect, but we soon found that the hike was going to be more difficult that we had anticipated.  I was thinking of a winding dirt trail that lead us up the mountain; it turned out to be a trail with scattered stones in forms of steps.  It was a straight shot to the top.


Although it was difficult, we pushed on and were able to see magnificent views of the city and environment around us.  I was amazed with the beauty that surrounded us!


We finally made it to the top after a strong push.  The views from the top were fantastic!  I have never seen a more beautiful place.  I was blown away. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to see and experience this amazing city and to share it with some great people.



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