Day 3

Today we had the opportunity of visiting the St. James church where the famous massacre occurred. The original building is still there but they added a much larger building to accommodate their large body of members.


The service was a contemporary service that was surprisingly similar to church services I’ve been to back in the states. The pastor gave us a public greeting and announced our presence to the entire church. I guess they thought it was pretty cool to have Americans at their service. One random guy after the service even asked if he could take a picture with me, which was pretty amusing.


After the service we got to hang out with some of the churches youth and college aged members and exchange stories. The church service itself isn’t that big of a tourist spot so it was pretty cool to have attended it.


After the service, a large group of us went to hike Table Mountain, the mountain that we had taken the cable car up a few days before. It was a really strenuous hike even though it didn’t’ take that long. We summited in about an hour and a half but had to rest every ten minutes or so because of the steep grade. The top was incredible just as it was the first day but the sense of accomplishment along with the feeling that we had earned the view from hiking instead of riding the cable car further enhanced it. We did however use the cable car on the descent as it was getting close to sunset and we wouldn’t have finished in time. It was another incredible day with some pretty awesome people.

-Dylan Murray


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