Long Walk to Freedom

I’ve always known that Nelson Mandela was an incredibly influential man in South Africa, but I have to say that I did not fully understand the impact that he had on his country. It is incredible to see the impact that one man can make through his vision. A vision that so many others shared to end the apartheid in South Africa. Mandela wanted to see a country that granted equal rights to all of its people. This is the same vision that Martin Luther King Jr. had for black Americans in the United States.

My outlook on South Africa and its history had been altered since reading Mandela’s accounts in the his home country. Previously, I had no knowledge of South Africa or their history. It was enlightening to see Mandela’s modest upbringings in a small village under the care of the regent and his prestigious education in several different schools and universities around South Africa. I was also very impressed with Mandela’s drive and courage to keep his leadership role within the ANC and then The People’s Congress to lead others into a life of freedom that can be enjoyed today.

I am ecstatic to arrive in South Africa and see first hand all the courage and effort that has gone into bringing the country into liberation. Mandela truly is an inspiration and hero in his country.


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