South Africa

Our visit to Cape Town is exceeding all of our expectations thus far.  It is filled with scenic views, great people, and a great oppurtunity to learn about a culture that is almost entirely different than the one that we have came from.

Day 1

We arrived in Cape Town after a journey that was seemed like it would never end. Our 15 hour flights finally ended when we got our bags in the Cape Town airport.  We realized that South Africa was completely different as soon as we stopped in Johannesberg as we went to a restaurant and the prices were around R80.  Little did I know that the prices were completely different and it was equal to 13 American Dollars. Anyways, we arrived in Cape Town and were relieved to see a man holding a sign that said “Turner Group.”  We were put into taxis where we all started getting worried when our driver to us was driving on the wrong side of the road. We arrived at the hotel where we celebrated our arrival before turning in due to us having classes bright and early in the morning.

Day 2

We woke early as we met one of our teachers here named Stuart Hendry.  He has lived in South Africa for all of his life and is very passionate about his country.  We learned about the rich history of this country and it’s trials that it has been put through.  After, we learned about the way  that South Africa’s government is trying to move forwards in the future.  We learned about three different scenarios that South Africas governement could pursue in the future.  These are walking apart, walking behind, and walking together.  Together being the scenario best suited where the citizens engage with the governement.  After lunch we did one of the things that was anticipated the most at South Africa. The view at the top of table mountain is one that I will never forget the rest of my life. After taking a cable car to the top, we took pictures and enjoyed the scenic views.  This mountain was known as one of the 7 world wonders and we were experiencing it first hand. We soon left the mountain as we went to a place called waterfront for the night where we enjoyed great food and met people from all around the world.


Day 2

We had a filled day on Saturday with our teacher Mr. Hendry.  We learned about leadership and the fundamental needs that people need.  There were 9 needs that were all intertwining and if you were missing one of those fundamental needs you could suffer.  We also learned the difference between transformational and transactional leadership.  Transformational Leadership is one where you influence the people and it empowers the people. Transactional Leadership is more influenced with the outcomes rather than the process getting there. One of the most inspiring parts of the day was when Mr. Hendry had entrepreneurs come talk to us about the items that they were trying to do in the future. People had solar phone charger panels, clothes, and other items that you would never even think of.  We went and had drinks with these students from South Africa before retiring for the evening at the hotel.


Day 3

After a tough few days which were filled with activities we kind of had a quiet day.  We woke up early and went to a church service at St. James where at one point a massacre occured.  After that we went back to the hotel to relax before going to waterfront to eat seafood.


These first view days has been inspiring and very fun.  We have learned about the ways of the culture as well as met some of the future leaders of a country that is desperate in need of them. I can not wait to go to Stellenbosch tomorrow and learn more about South Africas businesses.


Parker McTeer


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