Class with Stuart Hendry so far

Class with Stuart Hendry so far:


            So far in our class sessions with our professor from the University of Cape Town we have had a well versed background knowledge of South Africa’s history taught to us as well as the nine essential needs that all humans demand to be happy and what makes an effective leader. South Africa is an absolutely amazing country that just recently in 1994 became a democratic nation. Like the United States, South Africa has a history filled with turmoil and dark times until just recently. South Africa was originally settled by the Dutch and eventually came under British control in 1834. Because South Africa lays on the Southern most tip of Africa, it was essential to trading during imperial times due to the fact that it laid half way between Europe and India. As European traders made their way to India, South Africa was a much-needed point in which the ships would re-stock their supplies. So you can imagine why it was so vital that to the country that controlled it. Like America, South Africa had a period in its history that was filled with slavery known as the apartheid system. In many ways our two countries are much alike. As you can imagine, the apartheid system, much like the system of slavery that darkened the history of the United States, South Africa’s apartheid system has lead to a bit of resentment between the people of this great country. At the same time, the future of South Africa looks bright and has nowhere to go but up.


Fun Facts about South Africa:


  • South Africa (SA) has a population of 51 million people and 11 official languages
    • The United States on the other hand has 300+ million people with only 1 official language
    • SA has an unemployment rate of nearly 26%
    • Sa has an illiteracy rate of nearly 60%
    • 80% of the population of SA owns about 20% of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange wealth, whereas eight families own about 80% of that wealth
    • Since Democracy started here in SA in 1994, 3.2 million houses have been built
    • 20 ($) millionaires are made here in SA everyday because of the rich, untapped and unsaturated markets that are here for the taking.

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