Days 2 & 3

We were back in the classroom on our third day in Cape Town.  However it wasn’t in Jacob’s Hall, but at the University of Cape Town.  Dr. Hendry taught us how to become effective and efficient leaders.  It is important to focus on transformational leadership, which uses the skills of your followers/employees.  Leading through people is highly effective.  We also discussed the significance of fundamental needs and the relationship between those needs and satisfiers.  Examples of fundamental needs are subsistence, protection, affection, participation, and creation.  We also were able to meet students from the University and other local students.  After hearing their “pitches” we made our way to a local restaurant to hang out and get to know each other better.  It was eye opening to see that they are pretty much just like us.

The next morning we attended St. James Church, where a massacre occurred during the apartheid.  When we first pulled up to the front door I was expecting to see a small, traditional church service.  I was very wrong.  The service was contemporary, and the congregation was huge!  It was a great experience to visit this church, and cool to see how other Christians worship around the world.

Later in the afternoon I decided to accept the challenge of climbing to the top of Table Mountain.  The difficulty of this hike was underestimated, big time!  It was steep and very tough.  Once I reached the top, it felt awesome.  Knowing that I climbed up this huge mountain from the bottom up made the work worth it. We ended the night with a great dinner at a local pizzeria while using their free wifi.


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