Day 4 consisted of is spending the a whole day in Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch is a small town about 45 minutes outside of Cape Town. It is known for its wines and oak trees. Stellenbosch was founded by Simon Stell, it is the second oldest European settlement. Stell was known for being a planter and that is why there are so many oak trees in Stellenbosch, you can still see some of the original trees that he planted there. 

We started the day with a guided tour through the town. We got to taste wine and tea at some of the little shops in town. We also visited the oldest house in town and got to see how they used to live in the 1700s. These houses were surprisingly large but very basic. They had impacted clay floors that were very cold and moist which wore down they furniture that they had to saw off each year because of mold. The next site that we visited was the theological college, which they call “The Angel Factory.” After that we had an authentic South African meal at the oldest hotel in South Africa. After lunch we had dessert and another wine tasting at one of the little cafes in town. Once we were done with dessert we headed to one of the wine vineyards in Stellenbosch. This vineyard was called Donier wines. We got to taste one of the wines that was in the range of the Cocoa Hill wines. We learned that the name came from when they planted the grapes. They said that the soil looked like cocoa. 

The last part of our day was spent at a traditional African restaurant. This place felt like a little piece of Africa. Here we had a traditional African meal of veal, chicken, and impala steaks. Also, there were other traditional sides and desserts. After dinner they had entertainment with singing and dancing. 

We left dinner completely exhausted but excited about our day tomorrow. We will be spending a day in a township working on a community center! I cannot to see what else Cape Town has in store for us!


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