Stellenbosch – Hal Baird

Today we went to Stellenbosch and went on a tour with Bites an Sites. We drove about 45 minutes away from Cape Town and we began our tour. After seeing some old buildings we stopped at a tea place. They set up a table and served 3 types of tea. They were called Rooibos, honeybush, and buchu. I thought it was a cool experience, but I would rather drink sweet tea.  The next place was more exciting, Brampton wine studio. We paired the red wines with biltong and droewors which is basically beef jerky. We continued to tour throughout the town walking in various shops and stopped for lunch at the oldest hotel in South Africa. Our menu consisted of bobotie served with blatchang, chutney, chicken pie, oxtail stew with some Stellenbosch wines. We went to another place for dessert and coffee. Before dinner went to a wine place that was in the hills. It was a beautiful vineyard with a magnificent view all around. We then sat on the patio and enjoyed the scenery while we tasted more wine. One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. For dinner we ate at a place called Koyo. It was authentic African. All of the workers there had their face painted with white marks. They painted each of our faces before we got our food. It was a buffet style dinner with typical African food. I thought it was different, but good. The funniest part was watching a handful of our group dance to an African drum dance team. I am looking forward to the next day, but not the 7 am wake up call…


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