What a day!

Hello from South Africa!

Right now we are at the end of our 4th day and we are having a blast! Even though it took us around 27 hours to get here, it was well worth it. The first morning we were here we had the pleasure of meeting favorite South African, Stuart Hendry. He has been with us for mostly everything we have done. He is teaching us classes on leadership and entrepreneurship and also all about the history of South Africa.
Another day we got to hike up the famous Table Mountain. The Taxi drove us half way up the mountain and from there we took a cable car to the top. The view is absolutely breath taking. Here are a couple of pictures of the amazing view!…..imageimage
Today we had an extremely busy day, and by far the best yet. We started off with a two hour tour of the town Stellenbosch that is about 45 minutes from the hotel. We saw many buildings from the early 1700’s and learned all about how they lived back then. They had examples of everything from how they made candles to having fish drying from the ceiling. It is amazing how much work they put into keeping the town as close as they can to looking how in was back in the day. They are even still growing the same plants in the same garden!
Right before lunch we had our first wine tasting at a wine restaurant in the city. We tasted both white and red and they were both delicious! During lunch i experienced my first ox tail and surprisingly it was quite tasty. After lunch we went to yet ANOTHER place and had desert and MORE wine. And they were also both delicious. It seems to be a reoccurring theme here! The next place we hit was the Dornier Winery. We got to experience the sundown on the mountains of Stellenbosch while also tasting 4different wines! here is a picture of the viewimage
Dinner was an experience in itself. We went to a traditional African restaurant where they painted our face and everything. Here is a picture of Kocis and I to prove it!image
After our dinner they picked people to dance on stage to African music. I was one of the lucky ones to get picked. They showed us how they dance and everything! All in all it was a fun filled day and an experience I wont forget!
This place is amazing.

-Will Varner


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