Stellenbosch/possible future home?

We spent all day in Stellenbosch.  We began our day with a historical tour through the old town.  The closest comparison that I could make with the town was Charleston, South Carolina, or Williamsburg, Virginia.  Stellenbosch was like these two towns because it was close to a big/modern city, but it was quiet and relaxing, and it still held onto all the old traditions and architecture that were there during its founding.  Majority, if not all, of the buildings were still German made architecture, with straw roofs and plastered brick walls, and the street names were not found on a pole on the corner but were actually placed at various locations on the curb lining of each street.  The town was very historical and I loved every bit of the tour.


Mixed in between parts of the tour were wine, and food tastings.  Today friends, May 20, 2013, was the first day that Hunter Gray’s lips touched alcohol and I can promise you that it will be the last until I turn 21 years of age.  Wine is a horrible drink!!!  I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the day when glass after glass was coming my way.  I think by the days end I sampled 10 or so different wines and I did not like a single one!  I was a trooper so I continued to take quick sips of the vile drink and then immediately poured the rest into one of my friend’s cups so that they could finish the deed for me.


Needless to say the wine tasting was not the highlight of the day, but no need to worry because just like all the other days we have been here the scenery was amazing!  Stellenbosch is about a 45-minute car ride outside of the city of Cape Town and it is beautiful countryside.  The hillsides are covered with wine vineyards and the weather could not have been more perfect.  My favorite vineyard that we visited was Dornier.  The landscaping was fantastic which only added to the already amazing atmosphere.  It was the perfect way to top of the wine tastings of the day.


Dinner was also quite the experience.  We stayed in Stellenbosch and went out into the country where it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere.  Everything from the gift shop to the dinner table was set up under massive tents that were scattered throughout the grounds.  The spread of food was huge, authenticity was amazing, and there was even a show put on by the people who worked there.  My favorite part about dinner was before any of this even happened.  One of the employees came around our table and painted everyone’s faces.  The man took what felt like forever on mine and I knew it was going to be good….

IMG_0364 IMG_0526

-H. Gray


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