This morning the class met to reflect on all the lessons we have learned since our first day in Cape Town. Our academic classes are coming to an end after today, and I feel as though I have been a sponge the past few days. I have learned more since I have been in Cape Town than I think I did all spring semester-in a real life context.

Our first session today, Kevin Chaplin, spoke with us on Ubuntu and what it means to be a person through other people. Ubuntu means having a respect and understanding for others and recognizing the human being in others. You can practice Ubuntu by caring for others and helping others care for themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed Kevin’s talk with us and plan to keep in touch with him in the future. He has such a successful and contagious demeanor.

Another visitor spoke with our class today about violence in opposition to community development and why people commit violence. He said that violence can be an enjoyable act if you have certain genetic markers. Kossi was an Ohio state grad- the first person in her family to finish any formal schooling. She was incredibly impressive in everything she had to share about Cape Town, violence, and townships.

This is only a small representation of how today impacted me. I can’t help but think about how much I am going to miss this place and this culture once we have to go home.


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