Charity Work

Today was an expiring day in every sense of the word. We were told that we were going to do some work and I believe we all underestimated how much work we were about to do.  We passed townships on the way to the school which we were building which were shacks packed on top of each other.  We arrived there and talked to Mr. Hendry who has been helping us around Cape Town and was telling us our tasks for the day ahead of us. It’s safe to say at lunch time, that we were all worn out from carrying around concrete the whole morning.  We then had the task of creating a playground for the little children of the township.  We didn’t have the most supplies to work with.  They consisted of about 55 tires and a jungle gym that was almost impossible to put together.  After working till 4, we walking inside the school that they had to the playground where we were ambushed by the students of the township.  They would come up to us and grab our legs, jump on our backs, and beg us to pick them up.  It makes me thing that they did not get a lot of attention at their homes at the township but it was definitely a worth while experience.  The company that put this project and many more together around South Africa is called SASDI.  They build these educational buildings for townships so the children could see how important education is at an early age. That night we had the pleasure to eat dinner with the chairman of SASDI at his home. We learned more about the founding principles of why it was started as well as eating more South African traditional foods.  Today was an expiring day and I’m looking forwards to anymore.


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