Leadership with Kevin

Today we spent the day in classes learning leadership and social development in South Africa.  This was one of the most motivating days on the trip because of the speaker, Kevin.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him speak about leadership and Ubuntu.  Kevin said, “Don’t walk away from negative people.  Run away.”  This quote stood out because negative people can quickly change your attitude if you don’t run away.  An example of this was at dinner shortly after his lecture.  We went to a buffet where the line was long, and a woman behind us was impatient and told our group to move faster or get out of the way.  We made room for her and did not worry about her negativity, and we did not let her interfere with us from enjoying our dinner.  Kevin was very motivating and told us that attitude is everything.  Attitude can determine success or failure before the task has been started.  Another meaningful idea that Kevin shared with us was the acronym WATCH.  WATCH stands for watch your Words, watch your Attitude, watch your Thoughts, watch your Company you associate with, and watch your Heart.  Kevin was very motivational and inspired me to try and live my life through Ubuntu, which means warmth of the people.

Matt Smith


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