Today when we went to the Phillipe Early Childhood Development Center, we were prepared to help lay out the foundation of the new center currently in construction.  We quickly were debriefed on safety and given proper equipment to begin working.  I was blown away because the workers on the construction site ignored us and acted like they did not want us to help them work.  I realized that the volunteers help them finish the job faster which lowers the amount of hours they are able to work, along with the volunteers taking jobs away from locals such as their friends and family.  The work was much more difficult than I expected and the joy on the children’s’ faces made me feel incredible.  When I walked away, I felt that I had helped the township move two steps forward but one step backward because we took away jobs from people that could have easily performed the tasks for money to support their families and community.  In the end we helped construct a center that will provide an environment for the children to learn and provide the children with an opportunity to escape poverty.

Matt Smith


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