The Monday morning trip to Stellenbosch was the first event that I was not really prepared for. On the nearly 1 hour bus ride to the little city outside of Cape Town I thought, “The only thing I really know about Stellenbosch is that the jelly i ate in the morning was made there.”  SInce we were going on a wine tour, I figured that there must a ton of vineyards and beautiful wineries.  

When we rolled into town, our tour guides met us as soon as we stepped off the bus. and we were on our way walking around and learning the history of a city whose name I had heard for the first time just a few days ago.  Stellenbosch was an old town built with Dutch architecture. This meant that almost every house we walked by on the street was white washed with some type of straw room.

After acclimating to the town and some of it’s history our group sat down for the first wine tasting session.  I can’t really call myself a wine connoisseur, so everything i tried tasted the exact same.  My good friend Cam though did teach me that if you spin the wine around the glass and watch it run down the side, it creates what the expects call “legs”.  According to Cam the longer the legs are, the better the wine is. As soon as I was cultured in my first wine tasting, the group headed over to get some tea.  I must say it was great traveling half way around the world to have a tea party.  Millions of little girls around the earth would’ve been jealous of the tea party we had. 


The last place we visited in Stellenbosch was out of the town and out in the true wine country.  The best part about this winery was the view.  It was one of those views that would never get old no matter how long you looked.



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