Table Mountain

On Sunday, we were back at Table Mountain. Friday, we took the cable cars up Table Mountain to look around and to look out at the amazing views from the top of one of seven Wonders of the Worlds. But, this day we decided to climb Table Mountain. My expectations for the climb were so off! I was thinking the trail will be like a park trail. I thought the climb would not be so intense, but I was COMPLETELY WRONG! Within about five minutes of the climb, I immediately got tired and needed a break. Everyone started to goat their own pace, so we broke off into groups. I was a part of last group and the last person to reach the top of Table Mountain. I climbed at my own pace noticing that the trail was very intense. The rocks were much ridged. As I was climbing the steep areas, I noticed that there was little to no bob weir surrounding the rocks.

During my climb, I faced so many fears. There were moments where I wanted to give up, but I could not. I had climbed so far and I wanted to make it to the top. On the mountain, there was a time where I was alone and I felt it. I felt alone, but I knew I had a goal and I continued to climb. What I took from climbing Table Mountain was to trust and believe in myself even when there is pressure and difficult. Reaching the top, I started to feel the success of accomplishing so challenging. I can now say I climbed Table Mountain.



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