Kevin Chaplin and UCT Professors

In our full day of class we had the opportunity to listen to Kevin Chaplin speak to us about his business career and the Amy Beihl Foundation. I really enjoyed listening to Kevin because he started out in the banking world and is now running a nonprofit organization. Kevin is a true level 5 leader and shared with us his ways of being such an inspiring and successful individual. Personally, I am between two opposite career paths in my life right now- one is nonprofit work and the other is sports marketing. I was encouraged that he also traveled two separate paths and in the end is happy and found his true purpose and where he was supposed to be. My goal is to find that one cause or job that I wake up each morning and get excited about! Kevin had so much energy and passion for what he does. He was a real example that money doesn’t buy your happiness or make you “successful.” Helping others, just one person a day will make you and the world a better place.

In addition, I took away a lot from his talk about how in order for a nonprofit to work it needs to have a business structure in place. People are more likely to donate to a transparent organization that operates as a business because they know their money will not be wasted. The Amy Beihl story was so powerful and a true testament to human kindness and forgiveness. I really hope I can find a cause that I am just as passionate about.

Our other speakers for the day were from the University of Cape Town and they spoke to us about the crime and violence present here in South Africa. We were shocked to hear a lot of the statistics that take place each year. One of the speakers actually grew up in a township in Soweto and was the first in her family to attend college. She explained the history of townships and how they come to be. This talk helped to explain why some of the people feel the need to resort to violence to try to provide for their families in poverty.


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