Seals/Cape of Good Hope/Penguins

IMG_2663IMG_2682Penguins/Cape of Good Hope/Seal Island

Today we got to explore some of Cape Town’s famous spots. We got on the bus and headed to see some African penguins. We caught them at the perfect time right during their 3-week molting period where they have to live on land. It was crazy seeing them out in the wild and not in a zoo or anything. We closely observed them and then took a few pictures of our group with the penguins in the background.

We got back in the bus and for a long drive to the famous, Cape of Good Hope. The Cape of Good Hope is the south-western most point in Africa. As we approached the cape we saw an ostrich and some baboons on the side of the road. We took a few pictures as we passed them and then shortly after approached the cape. We had a short hike up to the top of the cape where the best views were. The sites were incredible. The terrain was spectacular, and the ocean had many different hues of blue. We got lunch and headed back to the bus to visit our last destination, Seal Island.

We got on the tourist boat and made our way towards the world renowned, Seal Island, featured on Shark Week. We saw a few seals on the way out to the island, but nothing compared to the hundreds of sea dogs covering every square meter of rock. We knew we had arrived when the most severe waft of wet dog entered our nostrils. It was amazing to watch them interact with each other on the boulders and to see them do tricks in the water as if they were showing off for us.

It was great to finally explore some more of Cape Town’s famous landmarks.

-Dylan Murray


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