South Africa Update: wdward

Today was truly a memorable experience in South Africa.  The day started with a tour throughout three cities in the greater Cape Town.  The first city on our stop was False Bay.  While in False Bay our guide, Alex, told us the history of exactly how the Bay received its name.  I was eager to learn the reason False Bay received its name was because when settlers went in search for the bay of Cape Town, they mistakenly ported their boats at the wrong bay, or the “false” bay.


The next stop we made along our trip was in Boulders, which was by far one of the most fun things we have done while in South Africa.  I say this because while the group was there we visited a bunch of African penguins.  These penguins were far unlike the penguins that come to mind.  Usually, a penguin is imagined as being in Antarctica or any other place where the weather is cold, but these penguins were thriving in the unusually high temperatures of the South African beaches.  These penguins have also adapted to there surroundings very well.  Their distinct black and white coloring helps to provide them with camouflage from both predators above water (black coloring), and underwater predators (white coloring).  Out of everything there is to experience in South Africa, getting the opportunity to visit the African penguins was by far one of the most unique and interesting interactions I was privileged to experience.


The third stop along our tour through Cape Town was to the Cape of Good Hope.  The Cape of Good Hope resides in a national park, which was flourishing with many different animals.  As we entered the park, the bus was greeted by a multitude of baboons as they wondered around the plains in a playful manner.  I personally have never seen a baboon in the wilderness, which made for a very memorable and amusing experience.  As the bus made its way to the Cape of Good Hope we also spotted a couple of wild ostriches.  Once the bus dropped us off at the Cape of Good Hope we hiked to the top and witness the best scenery I have ever seen.  The Cape was surrounded by crystal blue water and vast mountain ranges, which led off into the horizon.  Due to the lack of free Internet available, and the fact that my American products do not receive any service here, it is difficult to upload the many pictures I have taken of all these wonderful encounters.  Hopefully, when I am able, I will post some of these pictures to visually show the experiences.


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