South African bays: wdward

Yesterday, after the tour throughout Cape Town, we visited Hout Bay.  The bay was rather small, but had many tasty seafood eateries.  While there I learned that Hout Bay was actually once named Chapmans Chaunce in 1607, but renamed by Jan van Riebeeck, to the name T’Houtbaaitjen meaning “little wooden bay.”  Later the name was shortened to just Hout Bay.  The bay is also nestled by a 331-meter high mountain named Sentinel Mountain.  Hout Bay was also South Africa’s first harbor-front emporium of seafood and marine artifact shops.  While there, we chartered a Drumbeat boat and set sail to a patch of rocks covered with Cape fur seals.  Once again, this experience was one I have never experienced before.  The only down side to seeing the seals was the fact that they smelled like dirty wet dogs who had been cooking in the sun all day.  The smell certainly did not deter me from enjoying the amazing sight of these seals though.  Once the boat was docked back in the harbor, I ate a very delicious surfburger from a fish shop.  I was skeptical about eating a fish burger, but it turned out to be the opposite of my expectations.  So far South Africa has exceeded my expectations as a whole, which were already high.  Cape Town is by far one of the friendliest, beautiful, historical, and culture rich cities I have ever been to.  I have even found enjoyment from the many lectures I have attended while over here.  There has been no dull moment thus far, and I intend to keep it that way.  From relaxing at the Water Front and Long Street, to touring the outer parts of greater Cape Town, I cannot wait to experience the rest of the trip.  I have already seen so many things that I will cherish and remember forever.  South Africa is like no other when it comes to the true beauty of the nature surrounding it.


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