Table Mouttain

Looking from the top of Table Mountain after riding the cable car was a great, but after a two hour hike to the top I appreciated the view much more.  After the group left me and Dylan stranded at the hotel lobby while they took the taxi to hike the trail.  We hoped in a Taxi of our own and headed for a trail.  We rationalized being late and getting left by saying that it would be a better work out for us to race to catch up with the rest of the group.  Little did we know that there was more than one trail to the top of Table Mountain.  With a little help from taxi driver and some locals who could easily pick 15 American college students headed to hike, then pointed us in the right direction.  Me and Dylan set off up the trail and in no time we ran in to the struggling Dr. Turner and Alex.  We left the stragglers behind and kept on trucking to see if we could catch the leaders.  It wasn’t an easily task hiking up steps that seemed to go straight up forever without ever having a level place anywhere.  I think it’s safe to say even the great Rocky Balboa couldn’t run all the way up these steps and finish with his hands lifted high.  After about 2 and a half hours though we made it to the top.  The second time looking out over the mountain might have been even better than the first.



Kyle Shirley


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