UCT, Leadership and Needs

Day two of classes was a long but very insightful day.  Our group had the pleasure of going to sit in a class room at the University of Cape Town.  We were blessed enough to have the great Stuart Hendry back to lecture us on leadership.  After learning on day one about purpose, Stuart took a step deeper and talked about how human needs are directly linked to the quality of life.  We all have fundamental needs and those needs are what drives us.  Stuart used a studied done by Max Neef that theoretically predicted the fundamental needs that every human has.  There are nine: Subsistence, Protection, Affection, Understanding, Participation, Creation, Idleness, Identity, and Freedom.  We all as humans seek to fulfill these needs and if they are not fulfilled then we are intrinsically impoverished.  

My favorite part of the day was when some of the students from the UCT spoke to us.  They were taking one of Stuart’s entrepreneurial classes at the University.  Each group of students that spoke to us had been working all semester on some type of entrepreneurial idea to start a business.  These students were full of ambition and a passion for their project.  They each proposed their ideas in a way that I could tell they had more invested in their project than just to get a grade.  These students truly believed in their product or service and wanted it to make a difference in South Africa.  

The main thing I can take away from day 2 of classes is a new perspective that there is business needs all around the world.  It just takes a person with a passion and an imagination big enough to dream that they can make a difference. 


Kyle Shirley


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