Rugby in South Africa: wdward

After attending a match yesterday, rugby has become my favorite sport to watch.  The sport is full of intense non-stop action.  The match we went to was hosted at Newlands stadium in Cape Town, and the participating teams were the DHL Stormers and the Queensland Reds.  Going into the game I only knew a very little bit about rugby, but by the time the game was over I had a pretty solid understanding of the rules.  Each match lasts for 80 minutes plus time added to account for injuries and other time stops during the game.  There are two ways to earn points in a rugby match, which are by scoring either a try or a goal.  A try can only be scored when the player takes the ball across the goal line and grounds the ball, and a goal is scored by kicking the ball between the uprights and above the crossbar of the goal posts.  Every try is worth five points, and a goal is worth three points.  The match between the Stormers and Reds was very close.  Every time the Stormers tried to pull away with the lead the Reds would close the gap right away.  The back and forth scores lasted the whole game making it for an awesome first experience.  I also did not realize how big of a sport rugby was in South Africa.  There was an estimated 20,000 people present at the match, which added to the excitement.  Newlands Stadium was nestled right in front of a mountain, and as the clouds came from the top of the mountain down over the stadium it made for an intriguing blanket like effect.  Another great part about going to the rugby match was the fact that the Stormers actually won the game.  With a final score of 20 to 15, there were many ecstatic fans in the streets celebrating.  Getting to see a rugby match has made for yet again a very memorable experience.  This whole trip so far has beaten my expectations by a long shot, and my expectations were high to begin with.  Ek is n’ Stormer!


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