Sustainable Tourism and Silulo


We woke up to have our first session at 8 o’clock.  After our busy schedule it is still hard to wake up, but after a cup of coffee I was completely bought in. Our first speaker was from University of Cape Town and introduced us to sustainable tourism.  She might have been my favorite speaker yet. (sorry Stuart) For one of the first times in my life I was really interested in the tourism, nature side of the business world.  One thing that really caught my attention was a satellite.  The entire eastern half of the world was covered with lights and all of Africa was completely dark.  It made me understand how Africa has incredible resources that haven’t been tapped into yet.  If Africa was to buy into sustainable tourism more then their economy could sky rocket.  I understand that South Africa has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but tourism could bring an even greater impact to their growth.

After a quick break we got to listen to one more speaker before lunch.  This man, Luvuyo Rani, really is the epitome of a South African success story.  He started off trying to provide computers to local teachers and began to create internet cafes.  In township areas where internet access is scarce people can go to the cafes and pay a small fee to access the internet.  He also is offering classes to teach people how to use computers anywhere from just learning Windows operating system to advanced coding and computer repair.  I found his story to be one of the most inspiring ones yet.  It was like sitting in a room and listening to a young Steve Jobs early in his career.  This company, Silulo, has become one of the major internet access providers in the country and has partnered with Vodaphone, the major cell phone company, to provide technological access to a growing number of people.



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