Final Days

The final days of Cape Town and the Aquila Game Lodge were one of my favorite and were days I will never forget.  Andrew Kocis woke me up on Saturday morning and we all went to the Old Biscuit Mill.  This was a very modern and hipster setting with a lot of stores where my mom would tell me if she was there to “not touch anything.” We soon realized that this area was a place where we shouldn’t be and went to the Green Market in woodstock to buy gifts to take home to our family.  This is definitely a time that I will never forget as it was one of the first times I’ve experienced something like this.  The Green Market was one where people selling their supplies had booths side by side for a block.  Everywhere you went someone would stand up and tell you how much greater their product is than everyone else’s.  Just by chance, I happened to be everyones’ first customer.  For that reason I got a very special price which the price was always a little unreasonable in my eyes.  Bargaining with these sellers is something that I will never forget. Everywhere I went someone was selling items that I thought my mom or dad would really enjoy. This led to me spending an amount of money which I’m sure was not very appreciated in the McTeer household. Nonetheless, I came home with cool items like a Zebra belt, bowls, spoons, radios, jackets, and other kinds of items.

After the morning, we went to rugby game in which the Stormers from South Africa played the Reds from Australia.  One of Dr. Turners friends sat by me the whole game and I am sure he was probably ready for the game to be over by the end of it.  The whole game I was pestering him with questions which probably sounded pretty ignorant as I didn’t see the need to do anything that these two teams were doing. Regardless, the Stormers won and all of us started Stormers chants in the parking lots and all the way back to the bus.

The next day, we woke up and traveled to Aquila Game Lodge which was something that most everyone was looking forwards to. The group pulled up and we received complimentary champagne immediately before eating a classic South African dinner. We then went to our hut like quarters that we were staying in. They had no tv, a fireplace, and an outside shower. While we were there, we went on two safaris which we saw every animal that we would only see at the zoo here.  A few of these included rhinos, lions, and giraffes. The game lodge was definitely a highlight of the trip and a part I will remember for a long time.

I remember at the beginning of this trip describing this trip as one that I had high expectations for but one that I thought would be exceeded. That assumption was completely right.  I enjoyed this time with some of my best friends from school but after coming home realizing I made a lot of friends that I wouldn’t have made without going on this trip. I made memories that I will never forget and experienced a place that is one of the most beautiful in all of the world. The trip to South Africa was incredible.


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