Kevin Chaplin and Leon

We had the opportunity to have one of the top difference makers in South Africa and the man who inspires Stuart Hendry, Kevin Chaplin.  Kevin was a successful business man who turned into the founder of a non-profit organization called The SA Ubuntu Foundation or SAUF.  This foundation spreads the African concept of Ubuntu into the hearts and minds of South Africans around the country.  I would say Kevin is a realistic idealist.   He has a mind for business that allows him to be effective in his decisions while running his foundation but his idealistic heart keeps him from getting caught in the negative trap that business so often provokes in us.  He threw a lot of different theories out at us that revolved around the overall theme of Ubuntu.  Ubuntu is an African concept with universal meaning.  It is essentially having the capacity of love and genuine concern for one another so that people around the world will live in harmony with each other.  His success in the business world and his non-profit has gained him a very good reputation within the community and has led him to take on another famous non-profit known as the Amy Biehl Foundation.  He shared Amy’s story with us which was one of the most powerful stories I have ever heard.  Amy’s mother, Linda, has a true understanding of Ubuntu and because of this has the capability to make a significant difference around the world.  Something that really relates to me while I am trying to complete this Sunrise Exercise was that there is a different to being successful and significant.  Significant means you make a change when it is all said and done and successful is just being good at what you do.  Sometimes they are the same but other times they can be so different.

Another speaker came to talk to our group about the Impact of Community Violence on Community Development.  Dr. Leon is a professor at UCT where he is the head of the social development department.  I really enjoyed his presentation because not only did he and his colleagues present very interesting facts, he also engaged with us in a way that made us more involved in his presentation.  It seemed like he was conducting his own study on us from some of the Poking and Provoking questions he was asking us but overall it was a very eye opening presentation.  We often times get caught up with looking at a problem with just one view point but Dr. Leon presents a variety of perspectives that shows the complexities of all of these problems.  This fact is a reoccurring theme for our studies of South Africa.

Another cool thing about this day was that we saw Snoop Lion which is no big deal I guess.


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