Day 4 (Stellenbosch)

On Monday, we spent our entire day in Stellenbosch, a quaint town that instantly reminded me of Charleston, SC.  We had a tour guide show us around the town for food and wine tastings.  First, we went to Eikeboom Slagtery to show us all the meats and jerky that the town eats regularly.  Next, we went to Brampton to have my first wine tasting ever!  Even though it was still morning time, we tasted many wines including the Rosé, which I specifically requested.  We were taught to eat a piece of jerky after each sip of wine to enhance the flavors.  In addition, we learned that 4% of the world’s wine comes from Stellenbosch.


South Africans do drink a lot of wine, but they also enjoy having a cup of tea.  (Hint: they have “tea time” twice a day.)  Therefore, our next stop was to taste an assortment of teas.  We were seated at a long table that was decorated to look like a children’s tea party.  Bravely we tasted each tea, but ultimately had to add both milk and sugar to make it easier to drink.

Next, we went to a see some churches, the seminary school, followed by going to a historic museum, and the first home built in Stellenbosch.  The home was very interesting to see since it was very simply made.  The woman showing us around the home was hilarious and told us that the family always had a coffin stored away just in case of a sudden death.  Then we had a sample lunch of the most common foods eaten in South Africa, along with more wine to drink.  I stuck with the foods with chicken in then just to be safe, but did give the others foods a try.

Following lunch, we then had a dessert tasting. The deserts were delicious and I opted for coffee instead of the dessert wine, just this time.  Next was our final wine tasting at Donier Wines.  The vineyard was absolutely beautiful with the mountains as a backdrop. Here we learned the proper way to drink wine.  In addition, we were taught how to tell the quality of the wine by swirling it and looking for how many legs it had.

For dinner that night, we went to Moyo, a place that truly demonstrated South African culture.  It was a buffet style meal that included entertainment following.  The performance started with some South African dancers and drummers, but later asked for audience participation and of course our boys decided to go on stage to give it a try.  It was hilarious watching “white fraternity boys” try to shake it like the South Africans!


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