Game Lodge and Flight Home

We left our hotel around 10:00am and loaded on a bus to the game lodge! it was a rainy two and a half hour drive but we made it. On the way there we passed some very scenic landscapes. We saw everything from fields of grapes to huge mountains with tiny waterfalls all over them.imageimage
When we arrived we were greeted with champagne and enjoyed a fantastic lunch. After lunch some people decided to nap but i had to go explore this beautiful place! There were large electric fences keeping the animals out thankfully, but the view was indescribable!
We started our first game drive around 4:00 and rode around looking at animals for about two hours. I can now say i have seen all of these animals!imageimageimageimage
After the game drive we ate dinner and then had a trivia game led by Grant(Graunt). It was trivia based on everything we had learned on the game drive. It was a very fun night looking back on the whole trip with everyone and bonding over stories that were told.
The next morning we woke up and got to go on another game drive! We got to see lions, leopards, and many other animals we didn’t see the first day. I think everyones highlight was seeing the two elephants playing with each other! It was an amazing sight to see. We then drove back to the airport in Cape Town and started our day and a half of flying! I can honestly say the trip back was much better than the trip there, minus TSA.
Like many others have said before me, this trip was a blast and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the hard work Dr. Turner put into making it that way. So thank YOU Dr. Turner.
And also a big thanks to my parents for funding the trip!


-Will Varner


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