Cape Town Tours

Our tour of the Cape was a fun day, full of animals and sights we definitely don’t see at home everyday. We stopped first to visit some shops in some cities along the coast as we made our way to the Cape of Good Hope. The shops were very cool and very artsy. I found so many pieces of art I would have loved to snatch up if I could have fit them in my luggage!SONY DSC

The first national park we stopped at was the penguin beach. This still catches me off guard every time I think about it since penguins are the last animal I think of when I think South Africa… This beach was covered with the little guys and I don’t think I have ever seen Collin as excited as he was about seeing those penguins! We snapped a great group picture, then loaded up and moved along to our next location.


Next stop was the Cape of Good Hope where we were able to climb to the top of the hill and view out near the lighthouse. The Cape of Good Hope is the southernmost point of the Cape peninsula. The view  was amazing! I have never seen water so bright and blue, or wished that I had my bathing suit and a beach chair so I could go hang out on the beach the rest of the afternoon. It was very cool to think that you were standing on the tip of Africa.


Our last stop of the day was to Hout Bay to take a ride to Seal Island. This is the location where a good portion of “Shark Week” is filmed each year. We turn the corner in the boat and all you see are these huge flat rocks covered in seals! The closer we got the you could see some of the seals actually in the water swimming along side our boat. They were everywhere! It’s no wonder sharks favor this area for a meal. Being out in the ocean was very cool in itself- on one side you had the mountains as a backdrop and on the other you had the ocean that seemed never ending. When we reached shore, we were shocked to see a very healthy seal hanging out with the local fishermen. One man invited people to come feed the seal ((for a price of course)) or pet it because this seal didn’t bite. Come to find out, this man had been to jail many times for forms of animal cruelty. The seal was so fat from all the fish he had people feeding it that it couldn’t fend for itself in the ocean anymore. Needless to say he makes a good amount of money because who wouldn’t want to feed a seal a fish with their mouth?

-Katharine Anne


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