Day 5- Township

Tuesday started with an early breakfast and then off to the township. We went to Philippi Township about 45 minutes outside of Cape Town. On our drive over there our taxi driver was telling us horror stories about his car getting jacked in that area. We had no idea what to expect after hearing those stories. We pulled up to Philippi Children’s Center and saw a small school with barbwire fences around it. We met the principle of the school and she told us about how most of the students come from farming families. There they have about 150 kids ranging from 4 months old to 6 years old. She told us that most of these kids might not go to school because there is no public transportation in that are. Due to the lack of transportation the kids can walk to school when it is warmer but once it gets cold the kids are not able to walk to school causing them to only go to school half of the year. This is a sad thought that children are not able to attend school because of the lack of public transportation.

Once we got our safety briefing and gear we were split up into groups. All of the girls were on the painting group. We split up into smaller groups and worked on different parts of the school. Karlie and I took the back of the school. This was a great experience because I knew Karlie before but we spent the whole day painting and getting to know each other more. We were able to take a lunch break around one and then we got to play with the kids. They were so excited we were there. They wanted to be right under us giving us big hugs. This time made me happy that I was doing this to help the kids.

SADSA is a great organization that helps these townships that are in need of help. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to work for this organization and to learn more about what they do.



-Katalin Bramblett


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