Day 7- Boudlers Beach/Cape of Good Hope/ Seal Island

Thursday was a day full of traveling around the Western Cape. We started the day in a small seaside town where we had a coffee and were able to walk around. After, we headed for Boulders Beach; his was one of the things I had been looking forward to the whole trip. Boulders Beach is where the African penguins live. We spent a little time watching the penguins and taking tons of pictures. Our next stop was the Cape of Good Hope. This is the very tip of Africa. We were able to walk to the tip and go to the lighthouse. From there you could see the best views of the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. It is still crazy to think that we were at the very tip of Africa. After we got lunch and had a time keeping the birds from eating it. Some of got a little closer to the birds than we preferred. The next place that we went was Hout Day. There we got on a boat to go to Seal Island. This is where a lot of the shows are filmed for shark week. It was scary to see how close the island is to the land. Once we got back to the shore we were able to walk around and see some of the famous fish and chips restaurants along the boardwalk.

Day 7 was a day full of all of the tourist sites we had been waiting to see. We also learned some history about each of these sites from our tour guide AlexImageImageImage


-Katalin Bramblett


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