Day 8- Class/ Bandwidth Barn

Day 8 started with a great speaker Ali Meadows. She is a professor at the University of Cape Town She teaches classes on sustainable tourism in South Africa. She started by talking about South Africa in general. She explained about how it is very diverse and has some great tourist attractions such as the beaches and open land. We also discussed poverty and how 73% of people in South Africa still live in poverty. She said that the government is doing a better job about getting sanitation to the poor. Her next topic was tourism and how it affects South Africa’s economy. Tourism is all about supply and demand and understanding your resource base and protecting it. The big thing that South Africa has for tourism is the natural resources of untouched land. In 2011 tourism contributed 9% of the global GDP. This is a large part of South Africa because of the natural resources that it has to offer.

The second speaker we had on Friday was Luvuyo Rani. He is a young entrepreneur in South Afric. His business is Silulo. Silulo is a company that has cafes where people can learn to use the internet. They also offer classes for those who are interested in a career in IT. Many of the students that they teach these skills go on to work for Silulo. Silulo started as one café and now has 18 branches in the Western Cape and 5 in the Eastern Cape. It hopes to open 7 more cafes in the next year. Luvuyo is an inspiration because he came from a very poor township and used his resources to open a very successful business.

The second half of our day was spent at Bandwidth Barn. Bandwidth Barn is a company that was started to help entrepreneurs start their businesses. It is a place where they rent out a space and can share all of the resources that Bandwidth Barn has to offer.

Day 8 was a great day that was an inspiration to see people like us strive to succeed and there were many who have become very successful business owners.

-Katalin Bramblett


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