Day 9- Free Day/ Rugby Game

Saturday was our free day to go and do anything around the city that we wanted to do. A big group of us had heard about Green Market while we were there so we decided to take a trip to go see what it was all about. We started our walk down to Long Street not really sure where we were going. The only directions we had were to go towards Long Street and turn by the Purple Turtle. We made it to Long Street and thankfully found the Purple Turtle, if anyone was wondering I think it was a hotel. We made it to Green Market and it was not what I expected at all. I thought it would be a nice inside market but it was just little tents stacked up on top of each other with any kind of souvenir you wanted. We made our way around the market and found plenty of things that we wanted to bring home. I bought two bowls for my grandmothers. I also found an awesome painted picture of an elephant that I had to buy. I was walking around with Patrick who wanted a picture of the Big 5. This was a huge task because every tent that you walked to they had a different type of the picture and of course they all had “a special price for you.” We finally found one picture that we both loved. After haggling the price down to a reasonable one we had to make our second trip to the ATM so he could buy it. Once we had the picture in our hands it was time for us to leave. We made our way back to the hotel so we could have lunch and then make our way to the rugby game. We all pilled into the taxis for the last time and headed for the stadium. We got there to find something that looked like football tailgating in the US. One of the funniest parts of the trip was when we parked and got out of the taxis the police pulled up to give them tickets for parking where they did. Once even tried to pull away but he got stopped and got a ticket. We got there early so we went to one of Grant’s friends bar. This was cool to see how excited these people were for the rugby game. We hung out there and had a few drinks before we left for the game. We got to the game and had good seats so we could see what this new game was all about. The game reminded me of American football a little but there were a lot of different things they had going on also. I am not going to lie I was lost most of the time but the game was very interesting to watch. We all had a great time cheering for the Stormers and were even more excited when they pulled out the win. Saturday was a great day for us to do something that we had not seen yet or just walk around the city and enjoy one of our last days there. This day was when I realized that the trip was about to be over and that we were leaving Cape Town the next day. I had not realized how much I was going to miss Cape Town until that moment. Image

-Katalin Bramblett


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