Tour of the Cape and Free Day

On Thursday, we spent the day touring the Cape with our tour guide Alex.  We saw interesting places such as Boulder Beach which had penguins, Seal Island, and the Cape of Good Hope.  The most memorable part of the day was the Cape of Good Hope.  We had a short hike to the top where there is a lighthouse, and on the way up to the lighthouse there was an incredible view of a beach.  The view was breathtaking, and I spent several minutes admiring the beach from the distance.  The tour of the Cape was my favorite day of the trip because of the view from the Cape of Good Hope.




On Saturday, we had a free morning and I decided to visit the Cape Town Aquarium with Colin and Kevin.  We were the only three people that wanted to be in the aquarium over the age of five.  I enjoyed seeing the different fish because they are not at aquariums in the United States.  My favorite was the King Spider Crab which was about three times the size of a normal crab.  There was a story that beside the crab’s tank that talked about how the Japanese believe that a dead samurai goes to the ocean and becomes part of a King Spider Crab because of the crab’s stomach.  The King Spider Crab’s stomach looks like a face, and the Japanese believe it is the face of a dead samurai.




Matt Smith


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