Day 7 (Tour of Cape Town)

Each day during our trip there was always so much we were able to do and see.  Thursday was no exception when we had a full day of touring Cape Town.  Our first stop was to visit Boulders Beach, home of the African Penguin.  On this day, the weather was warm where I should have been wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  It blew my mind that penguins were actually living on a beach in these conditions.




Next, we went drove a while and finally arrived at the Cape Point, the most southern point of South Africa.  On our drive, a baboon and even an ostrich stopped us!  There was a lighthouse at the top, which overlooked a beach.




Finally, we arrived at Seal Island where we had to take a boat to get to the actual island.  There must have been hundreds of seals on that island and in the water all doing tricks to impress us. When we got back to shore there was a man who had one of the seals on land.  He told us that he had trained this seal and that for the last 30 years he had taken him out of the water daily to allow tourists to take pictures and feed him.





Every day in South Africa was in my mind “The Perfect Day,” but Thursday opened my eyes to all the different types of animals that live in the very diverse city of Cape Town.


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