Aquila Private Game Reserve

Our last two days in South Africa were spent at the Aquila Game Lodge. We got to stay in some awesome huts complete with an outdoor shower, and giant indoor tub! Some people were lucky enough to get a rat or two in their room… We went on two game rides where we saw the Big Five and many other native animals. It was very cool and I got some awesome pictures!





One of my favorites times on the trip was our official last night in South Africa where we were all hanging out in the lodge talking and sharing about our favorite parts of the trip. I loved getting to know everyone- I have had classes with pretty much everyone who went on the trip, but I didn’t actually KNOW them. I now have actual friendships with people and I couldn’t be more excited! The trip as a whole made a huge impact on me and my outlook on my future. I can’t wait for my next trip to South Africa- it is truly an amazing country full of so many opportunities and, I believe, a bright future! 



-Katharine Anne


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